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about earlier, i don't know what they are. they don't know what they are. what they risk is being used in a greater national political picture where their message, whatever it is, becomes secondary to other people's ambitions and so that's my concern for them. my other concern is that we now have this mainstream media narrative that somehow they're separated at birth from the tea party, these folks. these folks are not separated at birth from the tea parties. they have a radical choice. they have the same choice that my father sought in the mid 1930's. he lost his father. he was helping raise eight children with his widowed mother. he used to go to union square in downtown manhattan and hear the anarchists and the socialists talk about revolution and talk about overthrowing the government. he said, do i go that way or do i go out and try to find a job and support my family? and do what i can within the system. he chose the system. let's see whether they choose the system or whether the system uses them as we go forward. >> interesting analysis. >> yeah. >> where do they go from here? >
the rest of your headlines. rescue workers in turkey using their bare hands to pull survivors from the rubble after yesterday's powerful 7.2 earthquake. the death toll is 239, expected to rise. close to 800 more are hurt and dozens of buildings were flattened in the eastern part of the country. people still trapped in those buildings, highways have caved in as well. there have been 100 aftershocks since that initial earthquake. one was a 6.0. signs of hope ringing out on the a vigil for a missing baby lisa irwin. >> ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> dozens of people attended the service in kansas city in front of the home where the 11-month-old vanished. lisa's mother cried the entire time clinging by her husband's side. check out it surveillance video at this gas station surveillance video shows a man walking out of the woods near the baby's home the night she disappeared. police also investigating a suspicious dumpster fire that happened in the same area. >> 15 occupy philly protesters arrested for blocking the street in front of police headquarters. anti-corporate
if you're in the u.s. navy, you know that this is the annual date they celebrate the invention of it today, 236 years ago, it was started. how cool is that? >> good idea, by the way, whoever came up with it. we needed a navy and i believe we got it. john adams said we have to find a way to protect our ships and we did. >> good history lesson this morning, guys. we have brand new details about a deadly shooting spree at a hair salon in california. police identifying the gunman as scott deckrye, you see him there being taken into police custody moments after he allegedly killed eight people at the maritage salon in seal beach. one of the victims, his estranged wife. those who knew the couple said they were going through a bitter divorce. >> i knew she was in a custody, you know, an ugly divorce or custody battle, whatever you want to call it. really devastating to come home and see this. but, you know, it's your neighbor. >> authorities say he is the sole suspect at this time. i believe that's the worst mass shooting in california in that part of that, in orange county, horrible
we'll talk about that. >> and remember this guy, green jobs czar, he used to work for the white house, left under controversy? ring a bell yet? do you remember him? the vice president doesn't and we'll try to find out why. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is boone pickens, you're watching "fox & friends." great show. watch it every morning. >> boone pickens, right? >> uh-huh. mr. wind power. mr. gas. mr. oil. mr. texas. >> who helped herman cain get to the right cancer doctor to save his life years ago when he had stage 4 cancer? >> guys are just a plethora of information. >> today you got mr. october on. >> wow! >> coming up in 50 minutes, reggie jackson. >> let's go some headlines before those stories. police in kansas city, missouri, launching a massive search for a 10-month-old girl who disappeared from her crib. her mother says she put her to bed at 10:30 monday night. when her dad went to check on her at 4:00 in the morning, she is gone. she may have been snatched by a intruder who climbed through the window. late last night, a tearful amanda knox arrived hom
of you who have made us number one for a very long time. >> throughout the next three hours, memories, lookbacks, special visits from personalities that you'll see their head shots or go on line and see them in action. >> look forward to that. we have to bring you the news as well. the parents of missing baby lisa irwin denying claims they've stopped cooperating with police. they are expected to speak out later this morning. actually they'll be on our show. just one day after police said their talks with the couple had stalled. police also calling off the search of the family's kansas city neighborhood after finding no signs of baby lisa in nearly four days. no word yet if they plan on moving the search elsewhere. you can catch the parents coming up on our show in about an hour. another terror scare in the sky. this time a saudi arabian man tried to break into the cockpit. it happened on an american airlines flight from new york to indiana. the 20-year-old was reportedly running towards the cockpit when another passenger jumped into action. >> just threw down my stuff and jumped out
your business using real-time group meetings from remote locations, video conferencing, mobile credit-card payments, lightning-fast downloads, and access to thousands of business apps. plus, verizon has the largest selection of 4g lte devices and the most 4g lte coverage for your business. all on america's fastest, most reliable 4g network. no wonder more businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. verizon. >> remember the story, a truck filled with president obama's teleprompters? the stolen truck has been recovered. but one of the teleprompters is still gone. yeah. meanwhile, joe biden's teleprompter has taken its own life. >> he is off script. >> but to the credit of joe bodien does he use a teleprompter? >> there could be a push in the afghanistan to let him use it. remember when a teleprompter fell over? famously for joe biden. anyway, straight ahead as the race for the republican nomination heats up candidates turn to radical reforms to the tax code to give them a boston with the voters in november. >> and now herman cain faces a little heat for the contr
this morning by thanking the vice president. he never lets us down and gives us plenty to talk about on a weekly basis. >> right. was he ad-libbing or speaking from the gut? >> this is a pattern! he was doing this last week, too. we'll tell you what he said in a moment. in the meantime, a fox news alert. moments ago, secretary of state hillary clinton announcing she's headed to pakistan, headed to islamabad where she'll lead a delegation of obama administration officials in talks with pakistani officials. ties between the two countries, as we know, have been a bit strained over counterterrorism issues. secretary clinton saying "we intend to push pakistan very hard." new video out of kansas city, missouri, this morning. police working well into the night scouring the home of missing baby lisa irwin. csi agents using everything from shovels to bomb detection gear. they even ordered a temporary no-fly zone over the home so the search would not be disturbed. earlier in the day, investigators left the home with two brown paper bags. lisa's parents are not allowed back in their home until
plan is revenue neutral and last year, the u.s. collected $2.2 trillion in tax revenue but bloomberg government has run the numbers and your plan would have raised no more than $2 trillion. and even with that shortfall, you'd still be slapping a 9% sales tax on food and medicine. >> problem with that analysis is that it is incorrect. the reason it's incorrect is because they start with assumptions that we don't make. remember, 999 plan throws out the current tax code. >> one thing i would say is when you take the 999 plan and you turn it upside down, i think the devil's in the details. >> i think it's a catchy phrase. in fact, i thought it was the price of a pizza when i first heard of it. >> come from the american people and i have a number of other well recognized economists that helped me to develop this 999 plan. it didn't come off a pizza box, no. >> how many believe it will keep the income tax at 9%? anybody? that's why people won't trust -- >> if you keep mentioning 999 and herman cain, i might go back to him every other question. that's right! >> well, and that's why it's
joins us live and he's talking about his parents. stories you've never heard before. "fox & friends" starts right now. man, if you like fighting, you loved last night's debate. >> back in vegas, baby! >> i mean, it's their eighth debate. there were eight on stage. jon huntsman sat out and you saw people taking off the gloves yesterday and it seemed like a moderator unwilling to break them up. >> anderson cooper missing in action. he really didn't act as much of a moderator. when they really got going, you didn't hear from him. in particular, herman cain got his share of getting beat up. >> right away. right off the top. >> right off the top. that was the first topic and mitt romney as well, his health care plan but the give and take between perry and romney seemed so bitter and so personal, here's a little bit. >> i don't think we have the sound ready quite yet. one of the big lines -- first of all, newly assertive rick perry is what i would say, he came out fighting. rick santorum got into it with mitt romney. they attacked him for his health care plan and brought up the fact tha
for -- audition for the new "fox & friends." ♪ news you can use again and again ♪ that cost you seven digits. >> that's why he's going to be on today. he passed the audition. >> he's a mountain of a man. he makes a ton of money. >> we'll look forward to that. a horrific accident leaves seven people dead. a minivan hit a deer in the highway. a semitractor-trailer slammed into the back of it. seven people who didn't make it all passengers in that minivan. a plane crash in canada, remarkably no one was killed but everyone on board was hurt. someone in the ground was also hurt. three others in critical condition and the others are expected to be ok. plane crashed while approaching the vancouver airport. witnesses say the beach keen air 100 almost broke in half with part of the plane catching fire. no word of what caused that crash. brand new developments in the case of missing baby lisa irwin. the interviews of her older scheduled for today now scrapped. their parents canceled plans for a trained specialist to interview their 5 and 8-year-old boys. the specialist was set to take d.n.a. samples f
and occupy oakland protesters got into nasty clashes. officers in riot gear used tear gas to break up the crowds. police ended up arresting more than 100 people and in georgia, police arrested more than 50 occupy atlanta protesters. they refused to leave a park even though the mayor revoked an order to let them stay there after hours. spoiler alert right now, we're about to show you who got kicked off "dancing with the stars" last night. >> chaz and lacy. >> wow, kind of a shocker. chaz bono got the boot. he struggled from the beginning and got the lowest scores from the judges the night before. >> he was forced to wear a mask. >> i came on this show because i wanted to show america a different kind of man and i know that if it was somebody like me on tv when i was growing up, my whole life would have been different so i dedicate everything i did to all the people out there like me -- >> next monday is the "dancing with the stars" halloween show. and those are your headlines. >> by the way, isn't it true that hope solo's partner, because my life is empty and i saw some of this, yel
no one has even admitted to it. >> prosecutors say they will appeal this decision. >> joining us is tom wright. he's known the knox family for 10 years and is the founder of friends of amanda knox and joins us live from seattle. good morning to you, tom. >> good morning. >> tom, have you spoken to amanda? >> we have not yet. >> what have you heard about how she took the stunning news that she was immediately sprung? >> tremendous relief. great joy among the family members and those of us who have been friends and have worked so hard for this day. we're just delighted. >> the amanda that you know, they say there was much more of the amanda even though she spoke in italian when she gave her plea at the end as opposed to the one four years ago who described why she was innocent. how would you describe what happened then and how much different she was now? >> i think that the amanda that we always knew is still there. great strength, great intelligence, she was eloquent in the final address to the court. she spoke from the heart. that was always the amanda that we knew. >> have you ha
. >> it is straight in. >> i think what he's telling us is he did this on purpose. >> i did do it on purpose. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> it's just visible. >> would it be better if we just went to news headlines? >> yeah. >> would that make you feel better? there you go. >> let's do the news headlines right now. the family of missing baby lisa irwin becoming the focus of the police investigation now. at least four tv stations subpoenaed for their interview footage. they want any video showing the 10-month-old's parents or neighbors. and surveillance video from a nearby grocery store shows lisa's mother with another man, not the baby's father hours before she reported her daughter missing. it also shows her buying paper plates, napkins, and a box of wine. opening statements today in the trial of the accused underwear bomber who tried to blow up a plane over detroit. umar farouk abdulmutallab pleaded not guilty to the failed attack on christmas day. the nigerian native was supposed to represent himself at the federal court in michigan. there's been a shift of his study. instead a court appointed l
with the u.s. navy. a principal at rockport capital, one of solyndra's largest investors has a seat on the panel that recommends new technologies to pentagon. he reportedly suggested the company to the navy even though he knew they were struggling with cash flow. solyndra was on the verge of getting a navy contract but that deal fell apart after they filed for bankruptcy protection and raided by the f.b.i. a few years ago. he refused to ask questions last month. now out of a job, brian harrison forced to step down. he ran the company for a year before it went bankrupt despite having received a $535 million federal loan. and even a mike tyson connection. how can that be? solyndra wants to hire the trustee that hired the former boxing champ's bankruptcy. he would help the company restructure before it completely goes under. police are about to set more details about the deadly shooting at a hair salon in california. he's accused of killing eight people in that rampage including his ex-wife. last night, friends and family of the victims gathered for a candlelight vigil outside the salo
this morning, u.s. drone strike wipes out five terrorists in pakistan near the border with afghanistan. the drone fired six missiles at a truck carrying senior commanders of the anti-american group which has links to the hiqqani network. ceo of freddie mac calling it quits. charles halderman jr. joined the mortgage giant in 2009 after the government bailed it out to the tune of $60 million. the company is nowhere near to pay the loans back. it will be up to washington to decide what happens next. he will step down at the end of the year. while you were sleeping, the occupy wall street folks here in new york city marched on city hall. >>> police arrested about a dozen people as they made their way to city hall to show support for protesters in oakland and in oakland, california last night hundreds of protesters left the plaza outside of city hall to march down nearby streets. city officials announced a compromise to let them back into the plaza but they're not allowed to camp there overnight and now occupying wall street, acorn. the reincarnation of the defunct new york acorn chapter r
. >> the stimulus money has not been used, so what was handed out to states and supposed to go to education or saving or creating teachers jobs but the republican shows a lost states, including mississippi, maine, utah and texas they used the money to buy ipads and you could argue getting children up to technology is a good thing, but some of the interesting things is in billion billion the stimulus money went to the department of corrections, $118 of stimulus funding for, i guess, prisoners in the department of corrections. >> and north carolina for water parks and movie and other entertainment and 17,000 went to teachers salary. that does not get you an assistant but they are big into ipads. in texas he got 750. in maine, 309 ipads. and 125 in mississippi. so maybe that helps in the classroom but maybe that should not be the focus. >> what about kids going to a water park? or to a movie? and "terminateor," used from stimulus money. >> so you can see from the record a bunch of money went to other stiff, and greg touched on the $118 million that went to prisoners in alabama. education money
being a sleep medicine. >> did he happen to mention the name of this medicine? >> i think he used the word juice. >> well, juice was jackson's code word for propofol. the trial expected to start a little later today because president obama is in los angeles and the judge doesn't want jurors getting caught in traffic. a bride and groom from arizona nearly blown off their feet during a powerful dust storm. it kicked up as they were about to exchange their vows. >> by the authority vested in me in the state of arizona, i now pronounce you husband and wife. congratulations, you may kiss the bride. >> yeah! >> wow. look at the umbrella. the groom says he got a mouthful of dust during that kiss and the bride says it wasn't easy holding on to her veil and dress. watch to what happens to the umbrella. bye. wow, it looked like as soon as it came in, it went out. amazing. they'll never forget that moment. >> if you were planning a wedding, have a rain date. seriously. >> what about a dust date? >> or a trent. -- tent. >> not a bad idea. let's talk about this. you know that herman cain
procedure at the go daddy indycar challenge, it's been a very difficult weekend for us so far. but we've been -- ooi been watching these guys work their tails off trying to fix this problem and i believe they'll turn it around before sunday's race. it is incredibly frustrating. brian, explain -- i understand he was up for a $5 million jackpot. >> yeah, i think it was something where he combined with -- because he won the indy 500 and it was his third race, and they were trying to get momentum behind this race, if he would have won, it would have meant splitting a jackpot with a lucky fan. >> exactly. and one of the things was he was worried his car wasn't fast enough and ironically people yesterday at the race said cars were going almost too fast. they were reaching speeds of 225 miles per hour. you can see right here the photo of dan wheldon with his beautiful family. his young son only 7 months old and the other one was 2 and his wife suzy. >> so we'll continue to follow that for you today. in the meantime, let's do some other headlines for you on monday. the growing search for miss
own company. i apologize for this but is there any way you can get a tug and a towbar out here to us and get us towed somewhere to a gate or something. i don't care. take us anywhere. >> to make matters worse, one of the passengers did get off the plane. there were no place for them to go. many of them spent the night on chairs and cots. coming up later on "fox & friends", you'll hear from one of those passengers. he'll reveal what else the pilot had to say. it made him afraid for his life. the search for three missing workers at a grain plant in kansas resuming at sunrise this morning. a massive explosion at the silo killed three other workers and the men who are missing are presumed to be dead. the cause of the blast is still not known but grain dust is highly explosive. new developments in the case of missing baby lisa this morning. attorney cindy short who is no longer working on the case will hold a news conference today explaining what went wrong. lisa irwin disappeared october 4th. police wanted a trained specialist to question the mother's two sons and take d.n.a. samples ag
was not killed in that drone strike in yemen that killed terror leader anwar al-awlaki on friday. both u.s. and yemeni officials say ibrahim al-lasiri is still alive. it's believed he made the bomb used bit underwear bomber. defense secretary leon panetta is in israel at this hour where he issued this warning to the israelis. >> at this dramatic time in the middle east where there have been so many changes, it is not a good situation for israel to become increasingly isolated and that's what's happening. >> panetta will be meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders to try to restart peace talks. he's also expected to urge the israelis to improve relations with egypt and turkey. severe turbulence on two separate flights force emergency landings at boston's logan airport. at least nine people were hurt on a jet blue flight from puerto rico to boston. the other plane was a luftansa found originated in charlotte bound for germany. 11 people hurt on that flight. more explosive testimony expected at the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. on the stand first, an emergency room doct
and the sharks. and the sharks got stranded when the water receded. >> you know what i used to do as a kid to raise money, i'd go to the golf course and go through the water channels and get all the golf balls and sell them back to the golfers. not there. >> no, i won't be doing that. >> meanwhile, now that we got the headlines, let's talk about this. you've heard a lot about fast & furious, that ill conceived program to walk the guns across the mexican border and we're going to track them, right? we didn't track them. now, apparently, it's been revealed that 40 high powered assault weapons have been found in the home of the most powerful drug cartel in the world located in juarez across the border with texas. jose murufo, the guy that heads that up had 40 of these things in his home, directly connected to fast & furious. >> these guns walked across the border and they were told sell them to those with shady characters. these things are going to go across the border and we'll track them. one of the leading drug cartels down there and darrell issa who heads up the house oversight and gove
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